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MCX Series
Munson unveils her MCX Coaxial Speakers Series from 2010' after some successful series like P, MPS and iFun Series. MCX employs the contemporary coaxial transducer technology, result in a feature of 2-in-1 solution - combining the best cone speakers and compression drivers, in also obvious uniform angular coverage and high acoustical load with low distortion. The coaxial technology has been exhibiting its advantages over classic two-way system which typically suffers from interference around the crossover point resulting in lobbing and uneven frequency and power response. The typical point source characteristics are particularly valuable for the off-axis listeners in sound reinforcement applications. As the sound field of coaxial enclosure is stable in all directions and entire frequency spectrum, all listeners can be covered at an even sonic performance within a beamwidth. Its compact and versatility feature brings down cost of installation and simplifies the logistics for rental companies. Coaxial Loudspeaker system is now skipping from limited application like Hi-Fi home audio, studio monitor to more and more big sound re-enforcement venues. In terms of even sound pressure delivery, MCX is like a judge treating every audience fairly and equally to the greatest extend. This subtle change becomes a USP (Unique Sales Point) of some discotheques to attract more demanding players. Can you imagine who is willing to be discarded by uneven sound quality in the same amusement ground?