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Ridge Array
When you look at The Himalayas from the porthole of aircraft in the sky, you don’t see any particularities. However, when you come close to it on the earth, you will feel that you are surrounded unconsciously and you have to look up at it. You would be surprised and shock-up by its height, by its massiveness, by its invisible and silent power. The same experience happens also to you when you see Munson Sound Ridge Array System. Munson Ridge Array System is combined by Model RA2102 and RA215B. 2 10” transducer are put symmetrically inside the enclosure of RA2102 and the axial of each 10” crossing at an angle of 60 degrees, which means 2 10” facing out to FOH making an angle at 120 degree. This special design enables the 2 10” join force to produce airflow and deliver the sound out, thus get a higher SPL for mid/hi. This is called Classical Butterfly design by some pros. A line-source chamber horn is vertically put in the middle of enclosure fed by 44mm. dia. driver. We preset mechanical splay angle from 0 degree to 6 degree with 1.5 degree increment. It provides a seamless array for entire system. All these piles up RA2102’s feature of high sound pressure with clear vocal, even sound throw to far and near field. The partner bass RA215B is a double high efficient 15” vented design. Playing together with the RA2102, you will absolutely feel that you are standing before Himalayas. Ridge Array is suitable for different kinds of medium-size events indoor or outdoor.