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TenK Array
For venues of One Kilo-people, Ten Kilo-people or dozens of thousand people, TenK Array speaker system can leisurely handle its sound reinforcement. What talent on earth does TenK have? Complex engineering calculations and tests and internal acoustic structure on TenK is dull to users. Let’s just describe how Munson’s design concepts interrelate and function together to solve large array problems and achieve a desired overall performance. TenK is designed for applications like theatres, auditoriums, exhibition halls, large ballrooms, stadium and outdoor events. The most important member of TenK is the 3-way ATK1210, which consists of horn-loaded structure - double 2” as HF, double 10” as MF and double 12” as LF. MF horn is holding the HF horn which is in the middle of enclosure and LF airport is at two sides. This unique design enables ATK1210 sending single source to given listeners at high frequencies and a line source at low frequencies. LF working in ATK1210 provides a uniform SPL and frequency response, high resolution reproduction. With an 80 degree (H) x 3 degree (V) beam, ATK1210 delivers well-defined and predictable audience coverage. ATK1210 produces a continuous, coherent wave front and similar dispersion pattern at all frequencies. Through Munson engineers’ great idea, we take good care of two main details. One is that we minimize the spacing between individual transducers as well as the horn mouth from the top to the bottom array. This leads to a minimal interaction between vertically adjacent enclosures. Another is that perfect arrangement makes sound paths of shorter wavelengths from adjacent enclosures to any particular audience originate from a single point of origin behind the enclosures while adjacent horns acoustically couple well forming a coherent wave front at longer wavelengths. Of course other basis acoustic theory in system design is also thoroughly considered. By doing these, the result is coherent SPL and smooth frequency response can be achieved for near and far field. ATK1210 is designed for tri-amp mode, which makes the detailed tuning and settings or even output power control for different frequency possible and easy. This is quite important for demanding users. ATK1210 is expandable for varied venues from small to large. Another member of TenK is Heracles ATK182HB. It is a high power bass to match ATK1210 and make TenK a complete set of array system. Reflex loaded ATK182HP owns a 1200W continuous power. The TenK members’ mind thinks alike and works with concord.