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3S Array
Sonorous Sound with Smart look is the initial impression of Active 3S line arrays system. Real line-source horn design, high efficient transducers housed by smart enclosure, together with sophisticatedly verified phase, 3S system delivers a clean in vocal and transparent in mid-range. Active 3S consists of passive slave Mid-Hi speaker AS2652 and powered Bass AS15BA. A tailor-designed combination is to use one self-powered AS15BA (driving itself) as the engine for 4 AS2652. AS15BA is functioned in active or passive mode both delivering a strong, punchy bass. Amp module inside AS15BA is of 3-output channel which is 2500W + 800W + 800W at 4 ohm. Latest built-in DSP in AS15BA endows gain adjustment, 5-band EQ, limit, delay, crossover and phase correction. Tuning management can easily be done by laptop. Even AS2652 is powered by others, it has many gests. Holding 2 pieces 8 ohm Munson 6.5" high efficiency M/F transducers, 44mm dia. driver, taken care by a Munson Line Source Horn. Delivering a transparent vocal sound, bigger power. Active 3S system is suitable for mobile or fixed installation applications like auditorium, conference rooms, multi-function halls, churches and other mid to small mobile events, etc.