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iFun2 Series
iFun 2 is a mini mobile system like a magician. A scream will be absolutely escape from your lips when you see what is coming out when the magician's open his black bag: A hard font board is unlatched, then stepping out a mother kangaroo ( self-powered 18" sub, DSP18A) like having a lovely twin baby in its pouch and feeding them. The Twin (F1022) both equipped a 10" mid-range transducer plus 2 English CD (Compression Driver) as well as a line source horn. They endows an instinct of "singing" with crystal clean vocal, delivering line source and much powerful SPL at their size. Don't be haste, unfinished yet, The Twin can "sing" together with The Mother Kangaroo in one channel (iFun2 works in mono mode), they can also sing in different channel with their mother (stereo mode). Still remember the aforesaid front board? It can also stand up (4 aluminum legs are clamped inside) acting as table for DJ friends. How considerate iFun 2 is. With 2 iFun 2, you can serve a venue of 250 people. So compact, so easy, so much fun. How can it be spared?