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MF Series
The high power MF is a high performance, wide-bandwidth system in a compact and efficient package. There are three models, MF10, MF12, MF15. Among the three, MF15 is of extended frequency response being served by a new 15” LF driver and a new 3” exit compression driver mounted on a rotatable 80° x 50° constant directivity HF horn. Drivers of the whole MF Series feature a tough, water resistant cone and a lightweight, high BL, meanwhile the special designed coil windings for improved heat transfer. An aluminum demodulating ring reduces distortion and improves midrange clarity at high levels and increased excursion is available via a triple roll surround and deep motor structure. The crossover design and LF cone profile have been optimized to match the directivity of the HF horn and LF section through the crossover region. The MF Series sounds full of warm and power, it’s your ideal choice for club and live performance.