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Column Speaker
In the audio industry, the only system can link the Colosseum, The Tower of Pisa and architecture Roma Column none other than The Pisa Column Speaker System from Munson Audio. The corresponding element is nothing but classical, success, great and indispensable. The design inspiration for The Pisa Column Speaker originated from Munson Culture of Innovation, sublating tradition, and humanization. Firstly, The Pisa Column breaks the convention of sound system which delivers a Sound Beam at an angel from the source. In stead, it sends a Radiation Sound Wave, which avoids uneven coverage. Secondly, Munson engineer knows deeply that in large concert, the audience in far field feels always ‘unfair’ treatment in feeling sound compare to audience in real FOH area. So, one of the purpose (a recommended/pre-set application) of The Pisa Column Speaker is to create one more ‘FOH’ for audience far from stage. Moreover, although a complete Pisa Column system is bit big, it can be combined very smartly and easily. A complete Pisa Column Speaker System consists of 6 stacks making seamless 360° coverage. Each stack composes of mid-hi speaker CAS265 and Bass CAS212. A stack is recommended to compose 1 CAS212 and 4 CAS265 or 2 CAS212 with 6 or 8 CAS212. But, you can also flexibly take 3 stacks (3-fan shape), 4 stacks (4-fan shape) or 5 stacks (5-fan shape) to get roughly a seamless 360° coverage. Of course, taking 2 stacks as standard left and right channel as a basic also works. CAS265 is powered by two 6.5” and one 2” driver. CAS212 is by double 12”. Suitable to outdoor and indoor use.